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Sunnie (Hua Jie) Yu

Hua Jue Yu (Sunnie) is a twenty-two years old international student from China who is pursuing a Master degree in Business Administration at San Francisco State University. On February 21st, 2009, she got into a car accident while driving with a friend to Great Canyon from Las Vegas. Sunnie suffered serious injuries. More than 90% of the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae, which control the movement from the neck down, were dislocated, causing her to be paralyzed from trunk down. Due to the injuries of the cervical vertebrate, Sunnie lost sensation from the trunk down, control of her fingers and bowel movements. She was experiencing other health issues such as unstable blood pressure, difficulty in breathing and unsteady body temperature.

Sunnie was hospitalized in Phoenix and her parents arrived from Shenzhen, China to take care of her seven days after the accident after receiving an expedited visa. Her parents housing and transportation needs were warmly provided by new acquaintances from the Phoenix Chinese Alliance Church. In May 2009, Sunnie successfully returned to California to continue her treatment. Sunnie has since made great improvement since the accident. She has better control of her upper arms and back so that she can sit up for longer period of time. Since Sunnie's student health insurance which had a cap of $250,000 was depleted and Medical does not cover her current treatment, the family continues to be in financial needs.

Despite all circumstances, you can see from the picture taken a month after the incident that Sunnie was still holding a smile and a cheerful spirit. Because of Sunnie's positive outlook, she was asked to comfort another 19 year-old girl in the Phoenix hospital who suffered a similar injury. Sunnie’s mother started a blog about Sunnie’s recovery process in Chinese. You can read about Sunnie’s condition at You can also watch Sunnie's recovery process during April 2009 at (English)   or (Mandarin) The Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association at San Francisco State University had set up a medical fund for Sunnie in Bank of America. People interested can make check payable to “Hua Jie Yu” with “medical fund” on the memo and mail it to: Attn: Hua Jie Yu Medical Fund, 28 Tapia Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132, USA.

A Field Worker in Australia

A field worker from East Asia is studying at YWAM Australia for the Discipleship Training School - Compassion. The field worker began the studies in January 2010 and will be serving the homeless, working in the slum and among the homo-sexual and AIDS patients in South America as part of the educational program. The total fee is 4,999 AUD for each student and staff, and the worker currently have only 1,500 AUD. If you are interested in helping her, please contact us.