Enable & Empower was started in 2010 when the founders, Edward and Elisa, were preparing for their wedding. Instead of creating a website for their wedding only, they decided to use this opportunity to begin a website that would capitalized the talents and skills God has blessed them to glorify God. The name Enable & Empower was coined by Edward while he was attending the class on Spiritual Formation in Seminary. While the name takes on the first initial of the founders' names, it also represents the goal of this website.

Enable & Empower
is a God-profit website set up to fulfill the Great Commission. Our purpose is to provide services and encouragement to the God-enabled-and-empowered individuals who are committed to further the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. We offer resources to assist both seekers and believers in deepening their walk with our Lord Jesus Christ as well as supporting those who are serving in the field.